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Julie's Exhibit

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Liz's Exhibit: Contextualizing Physical and Iconographical Crossroads

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Sogdians, the Cultural Bees of Central Asia (by Maria Slautina)


Christina's Exhibit

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Leslie's Exhibit

Sogdian Literacy, Currency, and Socially

The Sogdians were instrumental to the success of the Silk Road. Not only did Sogdians aid in the trade of goods, such as silk, across Asia, but they were also invaluable scribes, as seen in the impressively preserved letters that are more than 1700 years old, and as translators. Their influence can also been seen in the dispersal of cultural staples such as the Sogdian Whirl

Sarah's Exhibit


Joanna's Exhibit: Safety, Autonomy and Self-Image in Sogdian Life

Matthew's Exhibit: Understanding the Sogdians' roles at Home and Abroad

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